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On May 28, the House Ways and Means Committee will vote on SB 74 which aims to increase the level of funds the State provides LCHIP each year.

Here at Something Wild we love all things wild (even blackflies!) but sometimes it can be helpful to look beyond a single species and consider how many species interact within a given environment.

On May 15, the New Hampshire Supreme Court heard two hours of oral argument on the Northern Pass appeal of the decision by the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) to deny the Northern Pass project a siting permit.

On May 23, the Senate approved an amended version of HB 183 designed to support six of the biomass power plants in New Hampshire.

In springtime, hungry porcupines munch nutritious willow bark.

As spring tentatively unfolds around the state, (and the more diligent of us celebrate International Migratory Bird Day - 5/11) the familiar nuisance of black flies also reappears. And as annoying as we find them, as we’ve discussed earlier, they are a sign of healthy eco-system.

With two consecutive sun-filled days, the annual spring spectacle on the floodplain has been in full swing this week. The early mornings have been stunning.  Newly unfurled ferns and Canada mayflowers on the forest floor glow as though the ground were producing its own light.

Do you ever find yourself wondering what’s up with that old farm equipment in the woods or what kind of wildflowers blanket the trailside? NH Forest Explorer is your one stop shop for deepening your understanding of the world around you.

For decades, environmentalists and public service agencies have attempted various slogans to teach people about the harm litter causes wildlife, water, and our environment and to ask more people to take personal responsibility. What will it take to stop our litter problem once and for all?