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A farewell letter from Will Abbott after his 15-year tenure at the Forest Society. He'll stay on in a part-time capacity to help the Forest Society manage its rebuilding project at The Rocks.

The pressing concern for many in the environmental community is that the Department of Environmental Services has proposed changing one of the standards it uses to issue Alternation of Terrain permits.

Eggs are a perennial symbol of Easter and Passover. No coincidence. The season of rebirth begins with breeding seasons and eggs containing the embryonic continuance of life.

Nature is our ally during this difficult time. It has the power to soothe, uplift and restore. We are pleased to see people across the Granite State experiencing the restorative powers of a simple walk in the woods, and are equally pleased that most are heeding the message to enjoy those benefits locally and only when a place is not crowded.

CONCORD, NH Recognizing how many people thirst for bringing nature into their lives, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests has launched a new live stream video straight from the forest.

Luckily, whether you’re self-isolating inside, keeping to your neighborhood or you have easy access to forests and fields, it’s easier than ever to grow your connections to the natural world.

Something Wild is joint production of NH Audubon, The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests & NHPR.

We recommend listening to it in it's original format but a transcript of the show is also below.

Forest Society, NH Audubon, NH TNC and AMC all caution would-be hikers to seek out local conservation lands rather than the most popular spots in order to maintain distancing protocols.

The Governor's decision to allow those employed in the forest products sector to continue to work will help the state recover from the damaging effects of the pandemic.