We're grateful to The Well School's 7th graders, who volunteered to assist with our ongoing research.

Reservation Stewardship staff are excited to work with and welcome this new class of Land Stewards to the organization.

Drew Kellner will serve as Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Dave Heuss has volunteered with the Forest Society for the past eight years.

The team collected 151 items of garbage, all of which weighed in at 23.5 pounds.

Volunteers left the popular hiking destination clean and green.

A photo of Monadnock with the words "16th annual Monadnock Trails Week: July 22-26, 2022"

Thank you for supporting the 16th Annual Monadnock Trails Week! 


We celebrated our SOUPer volunteers this fall with a hike and hot soup.

Janet Hill has volunteered at The Rocks for more than a decade.