The Forest Society's mission includes conserving lands that provide recreational opportunities--and economic benefits through tourism--for New Hampshire residents and visitors. Visit this page to explore stories related to recreation on conserved lands.

Thanks for getting outside with us this fall and we'll see you in 2024.

But what if we simply started to move more, not for the sake of moving, but for the pleasure of it?

Nature is a missing ingredient in our society’s approach to health care.

A new video series about Lost River Gorge.

What's the difference between a gorge and a flume and why do these natural space stay cool all year-round?

It's the perfect time of year to remember what it means to recreate responsibly and help care for the resources we all enjoy.

Love Mt. Major? Help keep it clean!

Stuck on what to read this year? Check out these titles recommended by our communications coordinator!

With support from the Portsmouth Rotary Club and other generous donors, Creek Farm will soon have new public restrooms.