The Rocks

The Forest Society has named Cameron Larnerd as its new Christmas Tree Farmer at Forest Society North at The Rocks in Bethlehem.

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A couple poses during their wedding.
(Photo courtesy of Heidi Daft)

The Forest Society was one of the recipients of awards from the CDFA in tax credits.

Greeting the 60-some people attending, which included the construction and engineering team, Forest Society trustees and representatives, elected officials and representatives for the town of Bethlehem, was Jack Savage, president of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

In addition to creating a welcoming natural and cultural history destination, the Forest Society’s investment at The Rocks will allow professional conservation staff serving the North Country to be based at The Rocks.

The Rocks welcomed 70 students through the NH Agriculture in the Classroom organization.

Nearly 40 volunteers, including groups from two high schools, planted more than 4,000 Christmas tree seedlings this month at The Rocks in Bethlehem.

Thanks for another great sugar season at The Rocks!

Missed maple month? Enjoy this virtual field trip to our sugar house and we hope to see you in March 2023!


Through the decades, Manley established a thriving operation with some 32,000 Christmas trees in the fields, has greeted thousands of families making the annual tradition to The Rocks to cut their own trees, and has developed a robust set of education programs,.