Working Forests

The Forest Society's mission includes perpetuating New Hampshire's forests through their 'wise use', or sustainable forestry. Working forests--those managed to provide a renewable wood resource--are more likely to remain as forests rather than being lost to development. Visit this page to explore stories and projects related to working forests.

Students begin the program in kindergarten by planting their own Christmas trees at The Rocks.

Here are locations where Christmas trees grown at The Rocks are sold in New Hampshire for 2022, if you can't visit us in Bethlehem this year. Please contact each location for prices, availability, and hours.

  • Wakefield Lions Club
  • Spauldings in Bradford
  • Choose Franklin in Franklin
  • Dodges Agway in Hampton Falls
  • Coulstring in Newmarket

The program is aimed at connecting women forest landowners, managers, and stewards with new resources and skills.

Tree Farm of the year hosts annual field day.

Since a single ash tree is either a male or a female (in some tree species this isn’t the case and a tree may have both male and female parts), it will be important to make sure we leave some of each uncut during the harvest, to provide the species an opportunity to pollinate and set viable seed.

The Forest Society has named Cameron Larnerd as its new Christmas Tree Farmer at Forest Society North at The Rocks in Bethlehem.

Spring is the best time of year to plant trees so we thought now is a good time to share the basics of tree planting with you.

Through the decades, Manley established a thriving operation with some 32,000 Christmas trees in the fields, has greeted thousands of families making the annual tradition to The Rocks to cut their own trees, and has developed a robust set of education programs,.