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*UPDATE: On March 3, the NH House Committee will vote on legislation that would open up additional trails to off-highway recreation vehicles in the Nash Stream State Forest as well in Coleman State Park. Please contact the members of the committee before March 3 and urge them to vote

It’s 9:30 p.m. and you’ve just finished tidying the house after putting your kids to bed when you suddenly receive a notification. This is not a drill — you have an hour to grab your ready-pack and get to the trailhead.

Dr. Natalie Cleavitt thinks New Hampshire’s sugar maples may be having trouble growing up.

Governor Sununu expresses support for permanent, full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Read his letter to Congressional leaders in support of H.R.

On January 21, the House Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee will review House Bill 1596, legislation to provide state general funds to

In 2019, the New Hampshire House of Representatives approved Senate Bill 269 by a vote of 220-137.

We are grateful to the 100 hikers who helped us kick off a new decade on our land on January 1, 2020 at the First Day Hike on Mt.

His Excellency, NH Governor Christopher T. Sununu and Honorable Members of the NH Executive Council gathered in Council chambers to accept with gratitude a donation of two official state holiday trees to grace the offices of the NH Statehouse.

When you imagine a forest that is full of wildlife, you may imagine a forest that consists of really old and large trees. However, the largest diversity of wildlife will be found in dense thickets with trees no older than ten years old!