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Today’s topic is perfect for the fall season: cleaning up the leaves. Yes, it’s that time of year again, and if you hate raking as much as we do we’ve got some good news for you. It really doesn’t have to be so…well…impulsive.

There’s a thunderstorm brewing – I can feel it.

Anticipation builds on a sultry, early summer afternoon. The air is thick but an approaching cold front promises relief from oppressive heat and humidity. 

By late-afternoon, thunderheads billow like the tall sails of galleons …

What we learn from our elders if we make time to visit.

Do you remember the celebrated New York City “Survivor Tree?”

New Yorkers found the stub of an ornamental Callery Pear buried beneath the rubble of the World Trade Center towers after the September 11, 2001 …

“Senescent” comes from “senile” – the aging process. The word is disconcerting as we prepare for the summer wedding of my eldest daughter. She wants to start her family… becoming a grandfather is now inevitable. It’s shocking.

A Guide to Logging Aesthetics: Practicial Tips for Loggers, Foresters, and Landowners

Geoffrey T. Jones

Published by the Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service, 1993.

A helpful guide to invasive plants. By Douglas Cygan. 3rd edition, 2011, published by the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture.

We've prepared this document so that you may become more familiar with your responsiblities as an easement owner and the assistance available from the Forest Society to help you meet those obligations.