Powder Major's Forest

A campaign to protect lands in Madbury, NH.

Traditionally, dividends cited by land trusts working to conserve tracts of open space are quantified in ecological terms: protecting the ecology of forests, water quality and habitats for native wildlife.

DURHAM – Dec. 12, 2016 – As diners left the Oyster River High School’s cafeteria Friday night and students cleaned tables and washed dishes, Lauren Quest, a senior and co-leader of the school’s Sustainability Club, smiled and shook her head in amazement.  

Donors giving anywhere from $10 to $10,000 have helped the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (Forest Society) to claim a matching $100,000 challenge grant in support of the $2.25 million Powder Major’s Farm and Forest Conservation Project.

Oyster River HIgh School students in Jon Bromley's Ecology classes and in Kara Sullivan's Nature Writing classes visited the Powder Major Forest on October 26 for a field laboratory of ecological investigation and written nature journal exercises.

A teen- and pie-powered event Saturday raised money and awareness to help the Society for the Protection of N.H. Forests (Forest Society) get closer to its goal of creating a new conservation area in Madbury, Durham and Lee to be called the Powder Major’s Farm and Forest Reservation.

MADBURY, DURHAM, LEE – Oct. 3, 2016 – The specter of a large subdivision replacing the forests along Route 155 in Madbury, Lee and Durham has helped the Powder Major’s Farm and Forest fundraising campaign to raise $67,000 in a $100,000 challenge matching grant issued by the Thomas W.

CONCORD – Aug. 25, 2016 – A donor has issued a challenge grant that will match $100,000 in donations to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests’ (Forest Society) effort to create a new conservation and recreation area in Durham, Madbury and Lee.

On May 28 Lauren Kras, president of the NH Seacoast Audubon and Forest Society easement steward, led a group of about 40 birders on a walk through the Powder Major’s Farm and Forest land to identify and learn about migrating birds that are arriving in the Northeast at this time of year.

The Forest Society’s forest conservation efforts protect myriad historic resources including hidden cemeteries… and tales they contain.