Mount Monadnock

Jaffrey, NH-- APRIL 1 -- The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire forests plans to use an innovative new technique to remind people of its long history of land protection on Mount Monadnock.

Welcome to the First Day of 2015!

This stream-of-consciousness postcard was assembled from random entries in the Marlboro Trail hiker register on Mount Monadnock, most-climbed mountain in the Western Hemisphere. A year of scrawled fragments…


The Forest Society was saddened to hear of the death of one of its volunteer land stewards, Jim Johnson of Jaffrey who was known for his dedicated work on Mount Monadnock.


Jaffrey — Thousands of future Mount Monadnock hikers will benefit from one family’s donation of a conservation easement on 55 acres on the mountain’s southern flank in Jaffrey to the Forest Society.


While hiking on Mount Monadnock this summer, I witnessed an odd phenomenon: nearly-motionless hovering insects with orange-yellow stripes over a dark body suggesting wasps or bees. The tight aerial formation of insects hovered at eye level in a shaft of sunlight over the trail.