Mount Sunapee

The Renaissance for the MSG began in 1974.

The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources will hold a public information session on the proposed assignment of the State’s lease of a portion of Mount Sunapee State Park. 

"Given our history in protecting Mount Sunapee, and given that we have not been in favor of the expansion, it's hard not to be disappointed in today's vote. Whenever there's talk about "balance" it usually means that something in mountains and the forests has been irretrievably lost.

In a letter sent to Gov. Maggie Hassan with copies to Executive Councilors, President/Forester Jane Difley wrote that the Forest Society would welcome the opportunity to explore the possibility of conserving privately-owned acres immediately adjacent Mount Sunapee State park.

Letter from President/Forester Jane A. Difley to Gov. Maggie Hassan regarding further conservation to fully protect Mount Sunapee State Park.

The New Hampshire Executive Council voted unanimously March 23 to table a lease extension and expansion proposal for the operators of Mount Sunapee Resort so that DRED Commissioner Jeff Rose can brief the councilors and Gov. Maggie Hassan on the expansion.

I have resided at the top of Wadleigh Hill in North Sutton for more than 35 years. Our home faces the southwest, and we look out over miles of the Sunapee hills. We cherish the view. We cherish the natural beauty of New Hampshire.

The recent decision by DRED Commissioner Jeff Rose to propose an expansion of the ski area at Mount Sunapee State Park comes after more than two years of review and discussion.  There has been more than a decade of debate about whether any expansion of the ski operation at Mount Sunapee State Par