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Like most of you, I woke up last Monday wondering why it seemed so foggy outside. When I opened the door to let the dogs out and inhaled a big gulp of holiday air, I realized it was not foggy but smoky. Darned smoky.

Action Alert: State budget writers considering raids on LCHIP and RGGI!

Watercolors of the Woods Exhibit at Conservation Center in Concord

Boston Couple with Deep Roots in New Hampshire

Donates Conservation Easement on 100 Acres in Henniker 

Taking The Long View

Yankee thrift is back in style.

Quick question: what do you image will happen next after a bulldozer rolls stumps across a scenic, rural NH landscape?

Bill Glavin Memorial Forest Created in Warner's Mink Hills

Normandeau Associates President Pam Hall

Joins Forest Society Board of Trustees  

Forest Society Conserves Historic Farmstead in Henniker and Deering