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Dog owners will find a lot to love about Forest Society lands: Dogs are permitted at all of our reservations except for Monadnock, Lost River, and Creek Farm. If walking is a social experience for you and your pooch, super-popular locations such as Mount Major may fit the bill.

PETERBOROUGH, N.H. —The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (Forest Society) is pleased to annoounce the conservation of 85 acres in Peterborough.

What could be a better metaphor for community connectedness than a group of individuals coming together to build a bridge?

Are you a fern fan?

I suppose to most, ferns are just those plants that brush up against your calves while walking or hiking. They tickle and often make tick-weary hikers nervous wherever they lean into the trail.

On May 28, the House Ways and Means Committee will vote on SB 74 which aims to increase the level of funds the State provides LCHIP each year.

Here at Something Wild we love all things wild (even blackflies!) but sometimes it can be helpful to look beyond a single species and consider how many species interact within a given environment.

On May 15, the New Hampshire Supreme Court heard two hours of oral argument on the Northern Pass appeal of the decision by the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) to deny the Northern Pass project a siting permit.

On May 23, the Senate approved an amended version of HB 183 designed to support six of the biomass power plants in New Hampshire.

In springtime, hungry porcupines munch nutritious willow bark.