One of our more interesting recent timber sales is at the Emily and Theodore Hope Forest in Danbury. We’re using a “seed tree cut” for part of this harvest to encourage red oak to grow.

            The site is very good for red oak, producing a high percentage of quality sawlogs and …

Encouraging results after a fall 2014 seed tree cut

The Forest Society is conducting a timber harvest on the north parcel of the Taves Forest (also known as Parker Hill) in Roxbury this summer.  The planning for this harvest started in 2013, when staff forester Steve Junkin did a comprehensive inventory of the property and wrote a management plan

Land Trust Alliance Accredited Land TrustIn July 2013 the Forest Society was awarded accreditation by the national Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

Forwarder in action sustainable forestry in New Hampshire
A machine called a "forwarder" in action on Blaine Forest in Jaffrey, NH.

This report is one of several produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service as part of the Forests on the Edge project. It displays and describes information at a national level that can improve understanding of forest land development issues.

A Guide to Logging Aesthetics: Practicial Tips for Loggers, Foresters, and Landowners

Geoffrey T. Jones

Published by the Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service, 1993.

By their nature, and by the nature of their work, foresters oftimes spend their days alone and in the woods.  That’s not a problem; foresters like wandering and either talking to themselves or to the trees.  There isn’t much need of a loud voice unless some absent-minded bear lopes by or they’re …

            I’ve written several times in this column and elsewhere about change and how it upsets what we see as ‘our’ world.  But there has been at least one significant change which, it seems to me, may not have been noticed by most.  We are in a swivet about emerald ash borer and Asian long- …