On July 24, the Commission to Study the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Fish and Game Department Operations met for the second time-its first meeting on July 16 was for organizational purposes where the main order of business was to elect a chairman and to set the schedule of future meetings.

The sustainable harvesting of wood products is a significant part of the Forest Society’s purpose for owning and managing conservation land.  Careful and sustainable timber harvesting increases the age and size class diversity of our forests. It is also used as a method of meeting other land management goals, including the creation of wildlife habitats, maintenance of biodiversity, promotion of recreational opportunities, and protection of clean water.  Our ultimate goal is to keep forests as forests.

The New Hampshire Legislature recently approved three bills which will benefit the biomass industry, and, by extension, the private forest owners in our state.

On April 19, the New Hampshire Senate approved HB 1104, a bill its supporters are pushing as needed “regulatory reform” to promote economic development.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives will vote this week on Senate Bill 365.  The legislation will help the state's biomass power plants by requiring electri

On April 9-11 the Forest Society participated with more than 100 members of the Land Trust Alliance (LTA) from around the country in

The Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee voted last week 4-0 to send HB 1104  to the full Senate Thur