Should the State of New Hampshire have the authority to intervene and block a private property owner’s right to sell his land to the federal government? 

If you've never been to the Nash Stream Forest, reward yourself with a visit to this exceptional state reservation.

The Boston Globe reported in February that the hydroelectric companies operating in the Northeast have united to form the Massachusetts Clean Electricity Partnership.  The initiative’s primary goal is to ensure the Massachusetts Legislature approves Gov. Charlie Baker’s pro-hydro bill. 

The 2016 presidential campaign has been dominated by immigration, terrorism, tax policy and the economy.  All are unquestionably important issues, and the candidates should tell us how they would address them.  What has been lacking so far is any discussion of the proper federal role in the prote

The conservation community is celebrating a pair of victories!  The U.S. Congress, perhaps inspired by eggnog and a good dose of Christmas cheer, took action to strengthen two major land protection tools.  

The N.H. Site Evaluation Committee and the Northern Pass Project

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This year, the N.H. Legislature and Governor approved a law to establish a commission tasked with producing a comprehensive land conservation plan for the State of New Hampshire.

Why We Oppose the Northern Pass and Why You Should Too

By Jane Difley

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