Have you heard any of the candidates for elected office this year discussing the importance of land conservation?  I haven’t either.  So far, the campaign debates have centered on issues like the opioid crisis, whether or not to extend commuter rail into New Hampshire and the State’s expanded Med

On August 23rd, the Commission to Study OHRV Usage and the Allocation of Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Resources and Responsibilities (let’s call it the ATV Commission) met to review possible options it believes the Legislature and government agencies should consider to ensure the State

In the last Legislative session, the Forest Society opposed HB 1396, which allows for the operation of off-highway recreational vehicles (OHRVs) on certain highways in Grafton County.  Our opposition is based on the fact that the N.H.

Written Testimony on HB 1396 from the Forest Society, Appalachian Mountain Club and the Nature Conservancy. 

As we have discussed in previous articles, the Forest Society has been working with our partners at the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and The Nature Conservacy (TNC) to highlight concerns over the existing ATV trails at the Nash Stream State Forest.  We contend this trail system is not in compl

The contentious six-year (and counting) history of Northern Pass has, in the absence of other positive outcomes, at least crystalized the debate over the related questions of how much energy does New Hampshire need, on what generating sources should we all rely and how do we get that power to the

The Forest Society has been tracking several legislative proposals this year. Now that the 2016 legislative session has wrapped up, here's a summary of the good news and bad news from the State House.

In the good news department, the U.S. Senate included language in the Energy Policy Modernization Act (the “Energy bill”) it recently approved which provides for the permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund.  New Hampshire’s two U.S.