The Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee voted last week 4-0 to send HB 1104  to the full Senate Thur

SPNHF Senate Testimony on LCHIP - May 2017

SPNHF Letter to Sec. of Interior Zinke 

SPNHF Testimony on SB129 House Energy Committee Hearing

As you may remember, in 2016 the New Hampshire Legislature passed, and Gov. Maggie Hassan signed into law, a bill (SB 380) that established a dedicated Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund.

PDF of 2017 House Testimony on LCHIP

President Trump’s proposed budget for federal Fiscal Year 2018 would cut $120 million in Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) funding that goes to federal land acquisition.  While this proposal doesn’t zero-out the LWCF, it does eliminate funding for the “federal side” of LWCF.  Federal side f