The discussion over climate change has up until now largely centered on the threats to people’s health, their homes, food supplies and on our air and natural resources. However, the scope of these concerns are expanding.

The New Hampshire Legislature will convene on January 6, for the 167th Session of the General Court with a new Speaker of the House and a new President of the Senate along with new chairs for each legislative committee. However, the work to prepare for the next session is already underway.

The Forest Society recently submitted comments to the NH Division of Forests and Lands regarding the proposed 2020 New Hampshire Forest Action Plan, a 10-year strategic plan for New Hampshire's forests.

The Forest Society is part of the Northeast Forest Network (NFN), a coalition of organizations from across New England and New York who share a common mission of forest conservation, combating climate change, protecting clean air and water, and enhancing wildlife habitats.

If enacted, the Forest Incentives Program Act will be one important tool forest landowners can use to sustainably manage their lands.

The Forest Action Plan provides a comprehensive assessment of the condition of our state’s forests, their challenges and needs, and strategies for conserving these forested landscapes while enhancing the benefits we receive from them.

Contact your Executive Councilor in support of the nomination of Patrick Hackley as the next NH State Forester.

Raise your voice if you have concerns about future use of the Nash Stream Forest by August 20.

In an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday approved the Great American Outdoors Act.