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The program is aimed at connecting women forest landowners, managers, and stewards with new resources and skills.

Drew Kellner will serve as Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Demonstrating his personal commitment to land conservation, Rydstrom donated a conservation easement to the Forest Society to protect a 347-acre woodlot in Northfield.

Dave Heuss has volunteered with the Forest Society for the past eight years.

The Forest Society presented its 121st Annual Report at the Annual Meeting on September 24.

Bringing members and friends back to our home in Concord.

Tree Farm of the year hosts annual field day.

Naturalist Susie Spikol is all about the little things you can see around you that is wildlife.

Since a single ash tree is either a male or a female (in some tree species this isn’t the case and a tree may have both male and female parts), it will be important to make sure we leave some of each uncut during the harvest, to provide the species an opportunity to pollinate and set viable seed.