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The students were enthusiastic during a group in-school presentation the prior week to get psyched for their Monday hike.

"Something Wild" is joint production of NH Audubon, The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests & NHPR.

It snowed last night: a three inch thick coffin lid to our seemingly endless summer. The first snowfall arrives like a shot across the bow. We’d expected it but some still grumble.

Forester Gabe Roxby explained several of the wildlife habitat, soil, and water quality considerations of the timber harvest.

A guide to plowed Forest Society reservations so you can recreate responsibly this winter.

We are looking for volunteers to help sell pre-cut Christmas trees at The Rocks.

Use a new QR code to access the messages in multiple languages.

We're grateful to The Well School's 7th graders, who volunteered to assist with our ongoing research.

It's a holiday tradition to visit our Christmas tree farm in beautiful Bethlehem, New Hampshire.