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Easement Steward Abraham Ames shares valuable lessons he recently learned that translate from fishtank to forest.

In February, Forest Society staff forester Gabe Roxby was invited to participate in a virtual panel discussion focusing on the intersection of forestry and art.

Update on the House Judiciary Committee's hearing on HB 82.

The annual series has moved online this year, with experts exploring topics ranging from restoring wildlife habitat to foraging for edible native plants.

Read and watch with the Forest Society to learn more about Black history this month — and all year long.

There’s a comforting quality to homegrown wood heat — flickering flames — whether it’s a backyard campfire or for home heating.

Take action to oppose HB 621 by contacting the House Ways and Means Committee.

When winter precipitation includes heavy wet snow or ice storms bring freezing rain, trees must endure the weather conditions. Some are better adapted than others and coping strategies vary by tree species.