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Forest Society staff recently attended (virtually, of course) a webinar sponsored by Froling Energy on the connection between forests, biomass and climate change.

The discussion over climate change has up until now largely centered on the threats to people’s health, their homes, food supplies and on our air and natural resources. However, the scope of these concerns are expanding.

The New Hampshire Legislature will convene on January 6, for the 167th Session of the General Court with a new Speaker of the House and a new President of the Senate along with new chairs for each legislative committee. However, the work to prepare for the next session is already underway.

The Board of Directors of the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) has announced $4.1 million dollars in matching grants awarded to thirty-two projects across the state.

The Rocks serves as the pickup location for NH and VT for the Trees for Troops program.

We fondly remember two long-time colleagues who recently passed away: Mary Beth Robinson and Trish Churchill.

By the time the cold weather months hit us, three of New Hampshire’s eight species of bats have already migrated to warmer places in the South and Mid-Atlantic regions.

The Rocks' Christmas Tree Farm will still be welcoming families and visitors this holiday for cut-your-own trees starting November 21, but to keep customers and staff as safe as possible will require advance reservations.

Owned by the Forest Society and leased by GoodWork, the historic Carey Cottage has its first nonprofit tenant after renovations were completed.