The Rocks

It's planting season at the Forest Society's working Christmas tree farm.

Due to COVID, The Rocks' traditional maple tours are going virtual for this year's sugaring season. Join Forest Society North Country Property Director Nigel Manley on March 25 and March 27 to learn more about the history and process behind making maple syrup.

By Robert Blechl, Caledonian Record

BETHLEHEM — The Bethlehem Planning Board has approved the site plan for the major renovation advancing at The Rocks Estate.

The Bretzfelder Park Family Educational series is presented each year in winter and summer by the Forest Society and the Bretzfelder Park Committee. Many of the programs take place in the Tanya Tellman Pavilion at the park, named after the Forest Society's 2020 Conservationist of the Year.


The building renovation is the central element of a multi-phased plan to re-envision The Rocks.

Here in northern New England, Fir trees thrive in the cool, moist climate, and there are some 500 Christmas tree farms across our two states.

This time of year, you're likely to see cars and pickup trucks heading home on the highways with fresh-cut Christmas trees tied to roofs or in the truck beds. Fraser firs, Korean firs, Balsam firs, and Spruce (ouch!)...

The Rocks serves as the pickup location for NH and VT for the Trees for Troops program.