The Rocks

The solar array is made up of 180 photovoltaic solar panels spanning three, ground-mounted rows in a field next to the Carriage Barn.

This year, Dave Anderson was accompanied not only by his son, but also grandson for the first time.

It marked the first year that the loading wasn’t done at The Rocks Estate, just up the road and where major renovations are advancing to convert the Carriage Barn into the northern headquarters for SPNHF.

Forest Society staff and business members donate trees to the program each year that are grown at The Rocks in Bethlehem, as do tree farmers from across New Hampshire and Vermont.

We are looking for volunteers to help sell pre-cut Christmas trees at The Rocks.

It's a holiday tradition to visit our Christmas tree farm in beautiful Bethlehem, New Hampshire.

The Forest Society has named Cameron Larnerd as its new Christmas Tree Farmer at Forest Society North at The Rocks in Bethlehem.

Rent The Rocks for your wedding!

A couple poses during their wedding.
(Photo courtesy of Heidi Daft)

The Forest Society was one of the recipients of awards from the CDFA in tax credits.