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As the trail weaves along where the forest meet the tides, we wanted to encourage our visitors to stay and linger a little longer at Creek Farm.

The NH Current Use Board to hold public will be holding a series of public forums to accept comments on the State’s Current Use Program starting in November.

“These 3,700 acres are a remarkable addition to our constellation of nearly 200 forest reservations statewide,” said Jack Savage, president of the Forest Society.

The report is at once sobering; it notes that the path to hitting that target has narrowed.

Osprey nests have become a common sight in New Hampshire. But that was not the case forty years ago, when N.H.’s osprey population was in peril.

The Forest Society was one of the earliest adopters of these standards.

After Eversource cut down 40 pine trees along Little Harbor Road a few years ago due to safety concerns, the Forest Society's Creek Farm staff went to work by turning the trees into habitat.

It was a beautiful day to check off one of five hikes during the 5 Hikes Challenge.

In this Forestry Friday, the forestry team takes a trip to the Gardener Forest in Hollis to check in on a population of a rare species of milkweed. (Photo: Sophie Oehler)