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Dave Anderson takes a winter walk through the woods and reflects on his wildlife track findings.

We've welcomed a few new faces to the Forest Society over the past few months and we're excited to introduce them to you.

Something Wild explores all things otter.

Stuck on what to read this year? Check out these titles recommended by our communications coordinator!

With support from the Portsmouth Rotary Club and other generous donors, Creek Farm will soon have new public restrooms.

The Tax Credits are being used to renovate the 1884 Carriage Barn as a new program and event center at The Rocks, which will be known as the Forest Society North at The Rocks.

Over the past year, we completed 12 land protection projects, encompassing nearly 2,200 acres.

Most notably, two of the top five cities that experienced the largest increase in winter temperatures were in New England.

A brush pile releases valuable nutrients back to the soil. It also provides habitat for all sorts of animals, like insects, salamanders, and mice. Even the smallest creatures need food, cover, and space.