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After Eversource cut down 40 pine trees along Little Harbor Road a few years ago due to safety concerns, the Forest Society's Creek Farm staff went to work by turning the trees into habitat.

It was a beautiful day to check off one of five hikes during the 5 Hikes Challenge.

In this Forestry Friday, the forestry team takes a trip to the Gardener Forest in Hollis to check in on a population of a rare species of milkweed. (Photo: Sophie Oehler)

Are you a woman interested in developing a management plan for your forestland in New Hampshire?

For hikers and walkers, The Rocks Estate trails are expected to be open by Oct. 1, after most or all construction vehicles are no longer on site.

Celebrate Monadnock and its long legacy of natural and cultural history.

Nature is a missing ingredient in our society’s approach to health care.

A steering committee representing landowners, conservation organizations, state agencies and the forest industry is guiding the process.

The act proposes to establish a partnership among federal, state, local and private entities to promote conservation, restoration, education and recreation efforts in the important watershed.