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A guide to plowed Forest Society reservations so you can recreate responsibly this winter.

Senator Shaheen saw first-hand the progress of the multi-year campaign to rebuild and re-envision the campus at The Rocks.

We encourage readers in his Congressional district to contact Rep. Pappas to thank him for efforts on this important legislation.

Protecting important green spaces and ensuring people have to access to them are not frivolous or minor goals.

This October, members of the Dalton Conservation Commission conducted the second BioBlitz of the year at the Forest Society’s David Dana Forest.

This summer’s rains have fruits and autumn seeds of many forest trees, and waxy fall berries of wetland shrubs and ornamental landscaping, yielding a bumper crop for birds and wildlife.

Nearly 300 students, teachers, and parents visited the floodplain as part of Project SEE.

Attendees had an opportunity to tour the property to see the management practices being used to promote healthy forest and wildlife habitat.

Neither plants nor animals, fungi are a kingdom all their own.