Working Forests

The Forest Society's mission includes perpetuating New Hampshire's forests through their 'wise use', or sustainable forestry. Working forests--those managed to provide a renewable wood resource--are more likely to remain as forests rather than being lost to development. Visit this page to explore stories and projects related to working forests.

As a representative of the Forest Society, I was recently invited to take part in a Forestry Roundtable organized by UNH Cooperative Extension.  The discussion centered on forestry operations (timber sales) in a large watershed and the potential threats to the quality of water in a central New …

This page for forestry and land use advocacy issues, including Current Use and Good Forestry in the Granite State

Like other landowners the Forest Society wants to do its best by and for our land, which will be here long after we are gone. If we do our jobs well, the green spots on the map will continue to provide natural renewable resources for local and global economies while also being sanctuaries where …

Woods Wise is a quarterly column in Forest Notes devoted to all things forestry, written by George Frame, senior director of forestry at the Forest Society.

Click here to browse Woods Wise.

Changing Landscapes

New Hampshire is unusually well endowed with forests and sparkling waters. We enjoy walking, hiking, picnicking, hunting, and working on our lands. Products from the forests and farmland nourish and shelter us. Open space sustains our economy and our culture.

The landscapes of New Hampshire help define and enrich our quality of life.

Since 1901, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests has worked to conserve the state's most important landscapes and promote wise use of its renewable natural resources. The Forest Society is New Hampshire's oldest and largest non-profit land conservation organization.

AS I WRITE these words in late April, the wind is gusting and swirling outside. (And in truth, in my old house, there's a noticeable breeze inside as well.)