Working Forests

The Forest Society's mission includes perpetuating New Hampshire's forests through their 'wise use', or sustainable forestry. Working forests--those managed to provide a renewable wood resource--are more likely to remain as forests rather than being lost to development. Visit this page to explore stories and projects related to working forests.

Ann and Marc Davis have been named New Hampshire’s 2022 Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year.

My favorite sign of spring is the start of maple season. From tree to table, I teach my children that it's a sweet reminder our forests are always working. 

Maple sugaring season is here. So when is it time to tap? Its not always the first day above freezing it turns out.

The Forest Society recently hosted a public timber harvest tour on Silver Mountain.

The Morrill Farm Dairy has been in operation for nearly a century, founded in 1925.

What are the benefits of choosing a real tree at Christmas?

There are plenty of locally-grown Christmas trees at local farms.

Learn more about challenges and opportunities to strengthen wood markets in the Northeast.

It's planting season at the Forest Society's working Christmas tree farm.