The Forest Society's mission includes conserving lands that provide recreational opportunities--and economic benefits through tourism--for New Hampshire residents and visitors. Visit this page to explore stories related to recreation on conserved lands.

Enter your favorite shots taken on a Forest Society reservation OR on any property conserved through an easement with the Forest Society, by September 15 (deadline extended!) for a chance to have your photo published in the autumn 2018 issue of Forest Notes, free passes

Passover on the Jewish Calendar, Holy week on the Christian Calendar, Muskrat Week on the Floodplain Calendar.

For lovers of NH forests, nothing beats fall foliage season. The cresting wave of tourism sweeps into our state already awash in fall colors - yellow, orange and red… don’t forget that green!

The Dilly Cliffs Trail out of Lost River Gorge in Woodstock, N.H., will be closed indefinitely due to the recent forest fire.  Portions of the Kinsman Ridge Trail (AT) remain closed temporarily as well. 

The Forest Society recently completed its third Conservation Easement Excursion with a tour of Brookford Farm in Canterbury.  Our Easement Excursion Series offers landowner-guided tours of Forest Society conservation easements to explore lands with outs

The Forest Society is pleased to launch our first series of “Easement Excursions” this summer to celebrate and explore conservation easement properties we have protected.

"We're glad to know about this place," said one hiker. 

The first day of the New Year!

I should have known not to get smug when the potatoes in my new garden spot were thriving in May. I thought it was going to be my best gardening year ever. But then the plants turned yellow and seemed to wither into nothingness in a matter of days.