Land Stewards

The Forest Society’s land stewards are amazing volunteers.  I know this firsthand, as I’ve had the privilege of coordinating their activities on the Forest Society’s 170+ reservations for the past seven years.  Land stewards come from all over the state, from different educational backgrounds and

This morning I decided to put aside my usual activities and head over to Gap Mountain for a short hike.  It was cold, only 5 degrees, as I drove over to the south trailhead.  The temperature had dropped to –10 last night and the low winter sun had hardly had a chance to warm things up a bit befor

With the arrival of frigid winter temperatures, you might expect the Forest Society’s volunteer land stewards to go into a hibernation of sorts until Spring.  But that’s just not the case.  Many stewards continue to monitor their adopted reservations during Winter, on snowshoes or cross-country s