Saturday, December 11, 2021 - 9:00am

Learn from Forest Society staff foresters about their goals for managing the natural resources on this 65 acre property.

Did summer oak defoliation affect fall foliage season?

Three guided hikes to get members outside and learning more about history, forestry and stewardship.

Learn more about challenges and opportunities to strengthen wood markets in the Northeast.

Meet the interns and seasonal staff that you'll see at our reservations this summer and fall.

Pollen is incredibly important to our survival, so we should give it the credit it deserves.

There are so many amazing women involved with furthering the Forest Society's mission. This March, we highlight a few of these women and extend our appreciation to all women of the Forest Society and beyond.

A photo of trees in sunshine underneath the words Cottrell-Baldwin Environmental Lecture Series with logos of the NH Dept of Natural & Cultural Resources and the Forest Society.

Cottrell-Baldwin Series 2023  

The sustainable management of forests for wood products is a significant part of the Forest Society’s purpose for owning and managing conservation land. The Forest Society supports public policy initiatives which promote the wise use of forests for building construction, furniture, paper and energy including the harvesting of low-grade wood for energy.