You’d think a group of high school girls would have only disparaging remarks about litterbugs after picking up scads of sticky granola bar wrappers and Gatorade bottles – plus some really weird items -- from the summit and trails of Mt. Major last weekend.

You have probably already heard about the invasive Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) beetle's discovery in Concord in 2013.  Perhaps you already know that this insect will have devastating effects on the state's ash tree population in coming years.

On Friday, Jan. 16, I visited the Bradford Elementary School to lead 19 students on a winter activity day snowshoe hike on their Outdoor Learning and Fitness Trail.

1980 Original Building -- Passive Solar Design

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Once Upon A Time… all the best children’s stories began with those words.

Back then, children’s own best adventure stories took place in outdoor settings: exploring a spooky dark hemlock forest, a golden grasshopper-filled pasture, lichenfringed …

The Forest Society offers education programs at the 712-acre "Hay Forest Reservation" in Newbury, NH.  The literary legacy of award-winning Cape Cod naturalist, John Hay, son of Clarence and Alice Hay, lives on in Forest Society outreach programs and recreational trail improvements designed to connect the public to natural and cultural history of woodlot

The Little Harbor School summit portrait