Clean Water

Forests are nature's water filter. The Forest Society's mission includes conserving land that keeps our waters clean and cool for human and wildlife consumption. Visit this page to explore stories, projects and stewardship related to sustaining our supply of clean water in New Hampshire.

In August, NH towns celebrate "Old Home Days." Forest Society founders, Frank Rollins and Nahum Batchelder conceived "Old Home Week” in 1899. It was designed to lure wealth back to NH to revitalize depressed rural economies and bring abandoned farms back onto tax rolls.

How Trees Move Water... When the late spring rains arrive


CONCORD – Nov. 5, 2014 – The Society for the Protection of N.H. Forests (Forest Society) and the Washington Conservation Commission have conserved a 245-acre forest above Millen Lake in Washington.

On this day, Aug. 31, 175 years ago, Henry David Thoreau and his elder brother John set out on an expedition from Concord, Massachusetts, in a homemade wooden boat.

As a representative of the Forest Society, I was recently invited to take part in a Forestry Roundtable organized by UNH Cooperative Extension.  The discussion centered on forestry operations (timber sales) in a large watershed and the potential threats to the quality of water in a central New …

A river at sunset winds past a former mill building in Lowell.


Changing Landscapes

New Hampshire is unusually well endowed with forests and sparkling waters. We enjoy walking, hiking, picnicking, hunting, and working on our lands. Products from the forests and farmland nourish and shelter us. Open space sustains our economy and our culture.

The landscapes of New Hampshire help define and enrich our quality of life.