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Are you a woman interested in developing a management plan for your forestland in New Hampshire?

For hikers and walkers, The Rocks Estate trails are expected to be open by Oct. 1, after most or all construction vehicles are no longer on site.

Celebrate Monadnock and its long legacy of natural and cultural history.

Nature is a missing ingredient in our society’s approach to health care.

A steering committee representing landowners, conservation organizations, state agencies and the forest industry is guiding the process.

The act proposes to establish a partnership among federal, state, local and private entities to promote conservation, restoration, education and recreation efforts in the important watershed.

Teaming up with the City of Rochester's recreation department at a Forest Society property.

In this second episode of our series, Dave Anderson of the Forest Society and Chris Martin of NH Audubon are exploring the different forest zones on the flanks of the mountain, below the treeline.

The purpose of the program is to keep forests as forests through the use of conservation easements that purchase development rights from willing private and tribal landowners to prevent conversion to non-forest uses.