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The Forest Society's North Country Operations Director was recognized for partnering with Granite State Ambassadors.

Congress is currently considering a substantial investment in forest conservation that would grow the economy, create jobs, and take critical action on climate change.

Although the rivers were flowing high and fast this summer due to heavy rains, the paddlers reported a variety of wildlife sightings — from beavers to eagles — and thought-provoking experiences.

The results are in for a survey about the State of New Hampshire's Current Use Program.

Find out how to register for the Regional Conservation Partnership's annual meeting.

The impulse for meticulous landscaping that extends beyond the edge of the lawn, beyond the vegetable garden and your stone wall, is actually harming the species that call the forest home.

When cooler weather arrives and foliage reaches peak in October, bull moose wander more widely in search of cow moose.

We celebrated our SOUPer volunteers this fall with a hike and hot soup.

Hikers should follow designated trails, even through well-worn sections.