Visiting Our Reservations...We've Got a Place for You!

A mother and her child walk through a field surrounded by forest.
Photo by Jerry Monkman

Our reservations are open to the public for many kinds of pedestrian recreation.  We welcome the public to enjoy all of our forest reservations (that's what we call our properties).

The number of our reservations is continually changing, so let's just say that we have more than 191 properties in  over 100 New Hampshire towns.

Our reservations range in size from one acre (yes, really) to as large as almost 5,000 acres.  Some reservations have historically been managed as small woodlots to produce firewood and timber products. Others contain some of the most iconic landscapes in New Hampshire, namely Mt. Monadnock and Lost River Gorge.  

This wide range of reservations allows us to provide an equally wide range of recreational opportunities.  Whether you are seeking some solitude on a quiet woodland walk or you want to really stretch your legs over the rocks and freshets found on a steep mountainside, we've got a place for you.  If you want to gather a few wild mushrooms, or explore an old farm site with stonewalls and foundations, orchards and fields, we've got a place for you.  If you want to hide or find a geocache, take stunning scenic or nature photos, put your field glasses on hawks, geese, turkeys or songbirds, we've got a place for you.  With nearly 400 miles of trails, dozens of fishable streams and ponds, lots of scenic vistas, and over 56,000 acres  to wander, believe me, we've got a place for you!       

To get you started on your travels through the Forest Society's reservations visit our Reservations Guide.  All of our reservations are in the guide while those with maintained trails, parking facilities, and ideal places to recreate are featured with trail maps and information available. 

There are a few rules we would like you to be aware of as you visit our land.  These have been established to protect the land and provide a better experience for everyone. We would like these places to remain open and enjoyable to the public forever.  We hope we can provide the same wonderful experiences to your great grand children as we can to you.  With your help we feel sure we will.

Allowed uses on our reservations include:

  • Hiking, also wandering, strolling, sauntering, sitting, or napping 
  • Picnicking
  • Hunting & Fishing, also some gathering, picking, viewing, birding, wading, and watching
  • Rock climbing (no falling, fixed routes, or climbing in designated sensitive areas please)
  • Dog walking (except on Mt. Monadnock and Creek Farm in Portsmouth)
  • Skiing and Snowshoeing, including occasional tripping, and thermoses of hot chocolate (sorry, you have to bring your own)
  • Snowmobiling on club maintained trails
  • Geocaching (you don't need permission to find them, only to set new ones)
  • Mountain Biking (occasional use only on woods roads)
  • Horseback Riding (occasional use only on woods roads)

Things we do not allow on our lands include:

  • Camping
  • Fires
  • Dumping
  • Motorized Vehicles
  • Metal detecting or removal of artifacts
  • Target Shooting
  • Removal of rare plants

Please pack out whatever you bring with you.

If you have specific questions about our use policies please visit our FAQ section.

Our policy on the use of Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMDs) for use by individuals with mobility issues is currently in development.

We hope you will enjoy yourselves and visit as often as you like.