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Despite the erosion that has exposed half of its roots, the Conservation Center’s mulberry tree survived another winter, with a rich diversity of berry eaters gracing its branches from mid June through mid July.

NHPR's "Outside/In" host, Sam Evans-Brown, joined Chris Martin and Dave Anderson in the field this week for Something Wild in the field segment.

With robins, wood ducks, and more, the floodplain forest is full of life in June.

We’ve experienced an uneasy peace for five consecutive nights, a ceasefire during the two a.m. to five a.m. pre-dawn window when the raids typically occur. We know it was a bear – we saw it on wildlife cameras rigged at the chicken coop.

A Father's Day edition of "Something Wild" First Bitten series.​​..

Porcupines are nearly untouchable

Photographer Ellen Kenny captures May's delightful flora and fauna along a floodplain forest trail in Concord, New Hampshire

We are migrants from Central America: Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala.   We’ve come by night, evading the searchlights, crossing borders without papers, heedless of the headlines regarding our fellow travelers, and the fierce political rhetoric in a language that we don’t understand.