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Bluebirds are a familiar harbinger of spring, and they're also a conservation success story.

What happens when a non-native herbivore sets up shop in New Hampshire?

The increasing angle of the late April sun and warming of the soil are agents of great spring transformations.

Renewal of life — birds and blossoms — provide solace in times of stress.

With rain and warm temperatures in the forecast, tonight could be the big night in many regions of the state.

With the warm wet weather and the onset of spring, this is one of the best times of the year to plan and lay out a timber harvest.

The number of pictures of bobcats in New Hampshire on social media has us wondering if there are more bobcats in New Hampshire?

The surprise appearance of this massive rare bird – one of the world’s largest raptors – sent birders flocking to see it. The unexpected sojourn in New England raises questions about how birds navigate, colonize new areas, and find mates.

The undeniably stronger late winter sunlight is the agent of change in the forests and fields of New Hampshire.