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The number of pictures of bobcats in New Hampshire on social media has us wondering if there are more bobcats in New Hampshire?

The surprise appearance of this massive rare bird – one of the world’s largest raptors – sent birders flocking to see it. The unexpected sojourn in New England raises questions about how birds navigate, colonize new areas, and find mates.

The undeniably stronger late winter sunlight is the agent of change in the forests and fields of New Hampshire.

The annual series will take place at Fox Forest in Hillsborough.

Something Wild is a radio show hosted by Forest Society Senior Director of Education Dave Anderson and Chris Martin, NH Audubon Raptor Biologist, and produced by Jessica Hunt. Together, we've been exploring the wonder of the landscape that surrounds us in New Hampshire for 25 years! 

This New Year’s, resolve to get outside, be quiet and brave, and go owling.

Decreased daylight lowers testosterone, which causes the connection between antler and skull to weaken and the antlers to fall off. In New Hampshire this typically happens in January, although it can vary. But that’s NOT the end of the story!

Rough-legged hawks fly 2000 miles from Nunavik to New Hampshire to winter here- keep an eye out for them!

The presence of hunters can offend or even frighten some hikers unaccustomed to hunting activity.