The Forest Society's mission includes conserving land that supports New Hampshire's native animals and plants, so that wildlife remains a part of our everyday world. Visit this page to explore stories, projects and stewardship related to wildlife and habitat.

Birds and plants have co-evolved to mutually benefit: trading carbohydrates for seed distribution via fruits which birds consume and pass seeds to far-flung locations where they might germinate.

Caterpillars can be a great opportunity to introduce young children to the wonders of the natural world.

Birds are singing everywhere this time of year, making it a great time to practice identifying birds by their songs and calls.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022 - 6:00pm
PortsmouthRockingham County, New Hampshire

This presentation with NHFG Biologist Henry James will provide a glimpse into the physiology and behavior of moose.

There is one mushroom that bucks the seasonal trend, sprouting brazenly in spring with enough chutzpah to drive the local mushroom enthusiasts crazy: the morel.

The slow journey to and from ancestral nesting grounds often takes turtles across busy roadways.

Bluebirds are a familiar harbinger of spring, and they're also a conservation success story.

What happens when a non-native herbivore sets up shop in New Hampshire?

The increasing angle of the late April sun and warming of the soil are agents of great spring transformations.