Northern Pass

Peter Roth of the N.H. Attorney General's office is holding workshops Aug. 2 and Aug. 3 for community members to help determine where the proposed Northern Pass transmission line could adversely impact natural and cultural resources.  

LANCASTER -- A Coos County Superior Court judge has ruled against the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests in its efforts to block construction of the Northern Pass hydroelectric project.

This motion asks Coos County Superior Court to add New Hampshire Department of Transportation to the lawsuit against Northern Pass over use of Forest Society land in Clarksville, NH.

This Petition for Declaratory Judgment is the lawsuit filed by the Forest Society against Northern Pass in Coos County Superior Court in November, 2015. 

The full text of the May 26, 2016 decision issued by the Coos County Superior Court regarding the Forest Society's lawsuit against Northern Pass.

In November 2015 the Forest Society filed suit against Northern Pass in Coos County Superior Court over the private transmission project's plan to use the Washburn Family Forest to construct a section of the prop

The N.H. Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) voted 7-0 at a meeting in Whitefield on May 19 to adopt a schedule for hearing the Northern Pass (NP) project application that extends the statutory schedule for review by nine months.  Under the new schedule, the SEC has targeted Sept.

This April 2016 letter from N.H. Department of Environmental Services notes that burial of the proposed Northern Pass line along existing roads in the northern section of the line would lessen adverse impacts on wetlands. From the letter: