Northern Pass

The Forest Society filed its legal brief outlining its case against Northern Pass before the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Northern Pass has 30 days to respond with its own brief, after which oral arguments will be scheduled. Estimates for a timeline for a decision from the Supreme Court range from 6-12 months.

The discovery process for the Northern Pass application before the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee has dragged on beyond its scheduled completion date, creating potential problems for intervenors who have until November 15, 2016 to submit prefiled testimony.

Campaign finance reports filed with the Secretary of State show that Executive Councilor Chriis Sununu accepted $18,950 in contributions from 25 individuals who work for Eversource over the last two weeks.

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After a busy summer season, many people are asking us, "What's going on with Northern Pass?" The Forest Society remains committed to fighting the Northern Pass transmission project as proposed.

The state consumer advocate is fighting Eversource Energy’s request to keep secret the price it plans to pay for power off the Northern Pass transmission line.

Attorneys for Northern Pass and attorneys for several interveners in the regulatory review process before the N.H.

Lawyers representing the Office of the N.H.

Whatever company buys Ever­source’s New Hampshire power plants, as a result of the utility’s recently struck agree­ment to get out of the generation business, will be acquiring a lot of unknowns if it plans to keep producing electricity.

When the Northern Pass Transmis­sion Project was first proposed, it was framed as too big to fail. Six years later, it may be time to take a hard look at that assumption, and to recount the burdens the proposed project has put on govern­ment, organizations and individuals in New Hampshire.