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Forest Society Pre-Filed SEC Testimony 2: Will Abbott and Brian Hotz

Forest Society Pre-Filed SEC Testimony 1: Jane Difley

The Pessamit Innu First Nation of Quebec has filed a motion to intervene in the controversial Northern Pass Transmission application process that is pending before the state Site Evaluation Committee.

OTTAWA — Protests. Hunger strikes. Sit-ins that disrupt construction. At the immense Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam project in a remote and rugged part of Labrador, the indigenous people who live nearby have been raising louder and louder alarms.

[English Translation of French-language report in La Presse. Link to original below.]

Eversource and Hydro-Quebec executives had been hoping for, if not counting on, having Northern Pass selected as a winner bidder into the three-state Request for Proposals (RFP) known as the Clean Energy RFP put out by Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The Forest Society's recent appeal to New Hampshire landowners for help in fighting the proposed overhead Northern Pass transmission line has generated a strong response. More than 800 individual donations have come in in the last few weeks.

Response has been strong to Jane Difley's September 2016 letter asking New Hampshire landowners to help the Forest Society continue our fight against the proposed overhead Northern Pass transmission line.

Several individuals and groups are raising concerns about the countless trees that will be cleared to make way for Hydro-Québec's planned 80-kilometre power line through the Eastern Townships.