Northern Pass

Whereas the proposed largely-overhead Northern Pass transmission line faces lawsuits, unprecedented opposition in its quest to find a buildable route and necessary permits, an underground alternative in Vermont is moving ahead.

Northern Pass is seeking to quash testimony from property owners who have the most to lose should the proposed transmission line project be permitted by the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC).

This document was submitted to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee as pre-filed testimony as part of the docket for the proposed Northern Pass Transmission line. 

TDI New England (“TDI-NE”) announced today the United States Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a Presidential Permit for the New England Clean Power Link, a 1,000 MW buried electric transmission line that will connect New England with Eastern Canada.

Forest Society Pre-Filed SEC Testimony 2: Will Abbott and Brian Hotz

Forest Society Pre-Filed SEC Testimony 1: Jane Difley

The Pessamit Innu First Nation of Quebec has filed a motion to intervene in the controversial Northern Pass Transmission application process that is pending before the state Site Evaluation Committee.

OTTAWA — Protests. Hunger strikes. Sit-ins that disrupt construction. At the immense Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam project in a remote and rugged part of Labrador, the indigenous people who live nearby have been raising louder and louder alarms.