Northern Pass

Northern Pass: .HQ Says Relationship With NP Still Strong, Others Say Project As Proposed Likely Dead

Robert Blechl

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services technical review and decision regarding the Northern Pass application to the Site Evaluation Committee.



CONCORD — There weren’t enough seats for the crowd that turned out for a public hearing Tuesday on a bill proposed by state Sen. Jeb Bradley that would allow electric utilities to pass on the costs of new projects to consumers.

The Supreme Court's decision regarding the Forest Society's lawsuit against Northern Pass is unfortunate in that it puts off until later a private property rights issue of extraordinary importance to New Hampshire landowners. In short, the Court punted.

Northern Pass wants to know who donated to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests specifically to oppose its proposed 192-mile extra high-voltage powerline from Pittsburg to Deerfield, according to a memo posted Monday on the state Site Evaluation Committee website.

The NH Site Evaluation Committee denied an attempt by Northern Pass to muzzle the prefiled testimony of landowners submitted by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, and relevant testimony submitted by the City of Concord.

This document is the order from the Site Evaluation Committee denying a Motion to Strike filed by Northern Pass in an attempt to muzzle the prefiled testimony of certain individuals.


By Robert Blechl
The Caledonian Record

Who has the ultimate say over Northern Pass?

CONCORD, NH, Dec. 20, 2016—A consortium of 18 New Hampshire towns has asserted that only a local community has the legal right to authorize the use of local roads for a project like Northern Pass.