Northern Pass

The Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments in the Northern Pass case for May 15 at 10:00 a.m. at the Court’s facility in East Concord.

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests filed its Northern Pass brief at the New Hampshire Supreme Court on March 21.

CONCORD – The state Supreme Court has set May 15 for oral arguments in Eversource’s appeal of the Site Evaluation Committee’s denial of the Northern Pass project, according to an order signed on Wednesday.

The state's highest court will soon decide whether to hear arguments in the fight over the Northern Pass transmission line.

Thursday was a key deadline in the project's appeal to the state Supreme Court. Opponents of the proposal have now filed all their briefs in the case.

Northern Pass filed its appeal brief with the Supreme Court on February 4.  All other parties have until March 21 to file their briefs.  The Forest Society intends to file a br

House Bill 454, currently before the House Committee on Science, Technology and Energy, proposes changes to the criteria that the NH Site Evaluation Committee

The NH Supreme Court issued a briefing order on December 20 in the Northern Pass appeal.  Northern Pass must file its brief by February 4, 2019, and those in opposition m

On Friday October 12, the New Hampshire Supreme Court said that it would consider Eversource’s appeal of the March 2018 decision by the Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) to deny a Certificate of Site and Facility for the controversial Northern Pass transmission line project. 

CONCORD — Northern Pass submitted an appeal to the state Supreme Court on Friday in an effort to force a state committee to reconsider its rejection of the proposed $1.6 billion hydroelectric transmission line.