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Sweet Trail Open for Business in Durham

Hikers Explore the Moose Mountains with

the Forest Society and Moose Mountains Regional Greenways

I was asked recently if I knew the largest rodent in North America. My first thought was my great uncle Wally, who was known for his ability to gnaw his way through a casino-sized buffet and darn near qualified as a full load when he climbed into his half-ton pickup.

Explore Plein Air Painting with Portsmouth Artist Doris Rice on

the Forest Society’s Creek Farm Reservation


By May, twilight arrives late. From the high and lonesome expanse of Interstate-89, evening alpenglow illuminates a flank of Mount Kearsarge, changing every second from yellow to gold and now pink, like an ember fallen from a fire. Purple shadows climb the lower slopes as the sun …

Spring renewal signaled with a peep

By late April, rural dispositions soften. Folks relax and smile with the smug assurance that we made it through another winter. The signs of spring are now too numerous to count.

Jeanie McIntyre Honored with Sarah Thorne Award

Find out about Sustainability and Its Role in Paper at an Earth Day Workshop at the Conservation Center

I came across two Tom turkeys on a dirt road in Alton this week. This being April, which is mating season for the Eastern wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), they were in full show-off mode.