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Track Wildlife with the Forest Society in the Bound Tree Forest in Warner

Forest Society Recognizes Volunteers of the Year

Much more than tracks in the snow

When snow returns to the forest, wild neighbors guide me through a winter of changes.

The first measurable snowfall of winter stops me cold in my tracks. I stare at a landscape instantly transformed into a Currier …

While New Hampshire’s human population remains hunkered down indoors for the remaining weeks of winter, the State’s black bears have recently given birth in their winter dens.

Forest Society Purchase Grows Hedgehog Mountain Forest in Deering to Almost 600 Acres 

New Hampshire Senator Bob Odell Donates Conservation Easement on Land in Lempster

New Hampshire Senator Bob Odell has donated a conservation easement on 88.5 acres in Lempster, New Hampshire. 

            In early winter, our party of peak-baggers hustled along cloud-shrouded Willey Range: Mounts Avalon, Field, Willey and Tom. The Willey Range confers three summits in one day to those working to climb all forty-eight peaks on the official list of four-thousand footers.

Lou and Sandra Springer Donate Conservation Easement in Lyndeborough

Lou and Sandra Springer recently donated a conservation easement on 22 acres in Lyndeborough to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.